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Our Story

Our Story began in 2014; merging our commercial janitorial and floor maintenance expertise. Precision Cleaning Systems of the East Bay was/is one of the only companies to pair floor maintenance agreements as part of the janitorial contract. This knowledge base was transferred to our cleaning teams as a way of additional services. We thought of it as a way to not only train up our staff, but empower them to grow in the trade. Looking back, this is what set us apart and made us a one stop shop for commercial customers.

Fast forward to today and we have invested even more in our employees (more training, more workshops, more equipment), even more in our customers (dedicated login portals, ticketing software, inventory management, professional equipment, etc.), and even more in our relationship with our chemical manufacturer (dilution control systems, chemical specialists, touchless dispensers, etc.). We hope and anticipate your satisfaction in all of our services and appreciate all of the customers who have trusted PCEB along the way. You made “Our Story” possible! 

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Our Promise To You

Professional Quality
Affordable Price
100% Satisfaction

Our promise is to not compromise the values for the sake of convenience, as we will always use safe products with professional equipment. Precision Cleaning Systems of the East Bay (PCEB) promises to always invest itself in our customers best interest. From our online ticketing system updated in real time, to our manufacturer chemical specialist you can rest assured that excellence is our top priority. We want to innovate the commercial cleaning experience and empower our customers with our methodology. 

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